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Windows 8 To Be Presented in Two Weeks

It is the second time when Microsoft Corporation makes some mailing of materials called Save The Day to the press. Now Microsoft has informed about the place and date of the official presentation of the next operating system from Windows family 8 – Windows 8.
Earlier Microsoft reported that these systems would come at the end of this month, but did not report when exactly it should have happened. On Thursday, Microsoft announced that the release of the desktop version of Windows 8 is expected to be held on October 25, and on today the company has reported that the official release of the mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 will be held four days later – on October 29.

A special event in San Francisco will be organized for the presentation of the company’s product. In addition, at the very moment of the operating system presentation or a few days after, the market debut of smartphones based on the new system might be expected.

Microsoft believes to gain a great success with recently released a new version of the server operating system Windows Server 2012, three weeks later with a desktop Windows 8, and a week later after it a with mobile version. All three systems have functions for cross-program interaction with each other and share many elements of the code. In addition, they have common interfaces that allow them to communicate with each other.

Note that the number of developers previously criticized Microsoft for the fact it was not much in a hurry to release a set of SDK for Windows Phone 8 and they did not have time to prepare applications for the new mobile OS. Microsoft has recently begun mailing its new SDK, but for unknown reasons, and to this day it remains available only to some programmers.

Also recall that the current generation of Windows Phone smartphones will not work with the new OS, so fans of the system will have to buy new devices. This point is also called a fair amount of criticism of the company.

However, it is becoming a common trend for companies to introduce the next generation developments that are not compatible with the previous versions. Just like it happened with new Apple’s iPhone 5 release or Google’s Android OS that can be run only on the newly made smartphones and older phone can’t be upgraded up to the latest mobile OS versions.

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