Why Your Internet Connection is not a Broadband Internet

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There has been a major misconception when it comes to the types of internet connection we have in the world, many people are often “sold” by the adverts and claims of their internet service providers that they fail to face the reality. Not every internet connection termed as broadband is really broadband and you have to be very careful when trying to choose a broadband internet for your home/office use because some of the internet connections referred to as broadband nowadays are not really broadband. If you’re unsure if your internet connection is broadband or not or you really believe your internet connection is a broadband internet you might want to make sure it doesn’t have any of the traits discussed below.

Below are some things that prove that a particular internet connection is not a broadband internet.

Its Speed Sucks

The number one thing that distinguishes a broadband internet from other forms of internet connection is the speed it offers and if you believe you’re not getting the best from an internet connection as far as speed is concerned then it is probably not a broadband internet.

Even though speed matters you should also realize that our speed needs are totally different from each other; what I do online everyday is different from what you do so the way we view an internet connection differs but you will easily distinguish a broadband internet from other forms of internet connection considering its speed. If your internet connection is taking longer than necessary to load web pages or download files then there is a very high probability it isn’t broadband.

It is Known for Consistent Connection Instability

Unlike other forms of internet connection a broadband internet is highly stable and consistent so you should know clearly that an internet connection that is otherwise cannot be referred to as broadband.

If your internet connection is something that works today and then refuses to work tomorrow or if it is something that keeps on experiencing a break or fluctuation in network signal then you should also know that it is not broadband.

If your internet connection is also characterized by consistent disconnection (like in the case of a dial-up internet) you should also know that it is not broadband. A broadband internet is always stable in terms of speed and service availability so your internet connection must exhibit this character before it can be classed as a broadband internet.


The reality nowadays is that a large percentage of “ordinary” internet connections are now being referred to as broadband and a large percentage of the masses who don’t really know how the broadband technology works are made to believe this.

Make it a duty to research effectively before choosing an internet connection; since you will be paying for it.

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