Why you should buy Kindle Fire HD 7?

Kindle Fire HD 7 is one of the cheapest 7 inch tablets that you find in the market. But the price is not the only reason people are buying this Amazon tablet. The device had loads of features that are in direct competition with other top end tablets in the same category. The only flaw is that you will see full color ads every time you switch on the tablet. However you can get the ads removed for good if you pay $15 to Amazon.

This Kindle tablet is available for just $199 at It has an excellent 1280×800 HD display with deep contrast and anti-glare technology. The wide viewing angle ensures that the pictures appear crisp from all angles. The device also scores in terms of sound. The dual driver speakers have Dolby audio and surround sound. This is the world’s first tablet that has two WiFi antennas. This ensures 40{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} faster downloads.

The heart of Kindle Fire HD is its 1.2 GHz dual core processor. This processor ensures that application open and work smoothly. For smooth graphics display there is the Imagination Power VR 3D graphics core processor. In Kindle Fire HD you get access to over 22 million movies, audiobooks and popular apps from websites such as Facebook, HBO GO, Pandora and Netflix. The HD tablet has integrated support for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Twitter. Free video calls can be made by you throngs integrated Skype application. The touch sensor is laminated and hence you get a clear display even when you operate the device in the sun or bright surroundings.

For superior audio quality, Kindle Fire makes use of the latest Dolby Digital Plus technology. It automatically optimizes the audio settings based on what you are watching or listening to. The best part of the device is its amazing battery life. The battery delivers 11 hours on a single battery charge, no matter what you are doing with the device. You can borrow any book from the Kindle Owner’s lending library. This library has over 180,000 titles.

You will be able to play the latest HD games in your Kindle Fire tablet. Enjoy the best of games such as Angry Birds with multi touch controls and full tilt. You can purchase or rent movies from all major studios such as Disney, Warner and Fox. You can stream movies instantly over WiFi. The Amazon Kindle Store has a massive collection of 1.2 million popular books. You can also have a look at 400 different types of vibrant magazines. The magazines appear lifelike because of HD display.

You also have a huge music collection to choose from. There are over 20 million downloads from Amazon’s MP3 music store. You can check your mail, no matter which mail service you are using. Besides the common Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts you can also setup and check other Pop and iMap accounts. The device has excellent Facebook integration. You can hence stay in touch with your friends. There is no set up required since Kindle Fire comes pre registered with an Amazon account. You can get started right away. The interface is quite intuitive and the learning curve is smooth.

Conclusion – Kindle Fire HD offers the best value for money in the 7 inches category of tablets. There are loads of features that satisfy all types of user requirements. You can order the device online from the Amazon store.

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