Why IBM Predicts the End of the Internet Divide in 5 Years

Everybody seems amazed by looking at IBM’s five interesting predictions that it released recently. The five predictions are also known as 5 in 5 List, in which IBM predicts those emerging technologies of the future that will change our lives. At IBM’s annual conference, it predicted that the digital divide will not exist over the time period of the next five years.

However, it is essential to know what a digital divide actually means. It refers to any inequality between any set of groups, regarding the use of technologies associated with communication and information. Different people have different opinions in terms of whether IBM’s five predictions will really be true in the future or not. These five predictions are discussed in detail below:

Convertible Energy Will Be the New Trend

Since everything around you has a level of energy with it, IBM predicts that technology will enable you to control everything around you that has something to do with energy. IBM has successfully tested this prediction in Ireland, where its scientists are making their efforts to convert energy released from ocean waves into electricity.

Similarly, you create energy when you make movements. For instance, if you are riding a bicycle, you are creating energy. In the future, new technology will enable you to collect the energy you create while riding a bicycle. This will be possible if you attach a small device to your bicycle when you ride.

Security Will Not Rely On Multiple Passwords

Having multiple accounts with different passwords for each seems to be too hectic in this fact-paced environment. IBM predicts a solution for it. In the future, you will not need to remember passwords at all. This is because your own voice and retinal scan will serve as your identity in terms of verification.  This way, you will be able to access information as well as secret hideouts.

This indicates that the only password you will need will be your own biological identity that will definitely be unique. There are various benefits of this technology. For instance, it will help you prevent identity theft for the long run.

Mind Reading Will No Longer Be a Wishful Thinking

We all know that understanding the mechanism of brain is still a mystery. However, IBM predicts one way to expand the brain functions through emerging technology. In the future, you will not need to move your hand for making a phone call or switching on the light. This is because your mind will read what you want to do and it will perform the action you were thinking to do. This is called Mind Reading.

In order to do so, you can use computers to understand and read electrical brain activities. This will enable you to see your brain’s response to excitement level, facial expressions, as well as what the other person is thinking at the moment.  It works when you wear a headset. Your headset detects electrical signals from your brain. Then it sends these signals to your computer. Specific software is used for interpreting those signals. When the interpretation has been done, it tells the machine what actions to perform.

Mobile Technology Will Eliminate the Digital Divide

We are living in an Information age and this makes it important to use mobile technology because having access to information is essential for survival. Disadvantaged areas are not exposed to this technology in the present situation. However, this gap of mobile accessibility will be eliminated in the next five years.

For facilitating people in rural areas, IBM plans to introduce remote healthcare and mobile commerce. Moreover, they will receive valuable information through the transmission of recorded messages. This information can also be about weather. Furthermore, mobile technology will also help illiterate users who will have its accessibility for the first time in their lives.

Junk Mail Will Be Personalized

IBM predicts that new technology will act as your personal assistant. Regarding this, IBM plans to develop technology that will integrate data and come up with applications that show you selected information according to your own choice. It will do this by using analytics and sense making.

You will consider your junk mail as your priority mail because new technology will track all your Internet surfing activities. This way, marketers will provide you with the personalized information of brands that you prefer the most.

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