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Why email is the elixir of technology trends?

Email newsletters have become big business in the past few years, and it seems like email subscribers are the hottest commodities in marketplace for advertising-supported business models. Companies like Daily Candy and Thrillist have banked millions of dollars off their huge email subscriber lists to which they offer focused and sharp newsletter content.

Top reasons why email is popular as a tech business model

We will see lots more email-focused businesses setting up shop because email provides a good return for advertisers. This is how:

  • Creates a captive audience: When email newsletter company Thrillist bought Jack Threads, an ecommerce company for men, this was a sign that the email newsletter business model can grow beyond content but into commerce as well. This example shows how the company’s email subscribers became consumers, not just readers. Mobile payday loans could help these subscribers pick up a few extra items from the e-commerce company, which then shows how strong the email method is to connect with subscribers and sell them products they want.
  • Advertisers can see a return on investment: Advertisers like email newsletter business models because they know the type of person who will see their product advertised. Unlike display advertising or banner ads, email subscribers are opting into a newsletter that they want to read which makes advertising to them much more effective.
  • Email businesses become brands: Thrillist has reportedly made over $20m in the past year and it is on track to do much more than that. This shows how email newsletter businesses have become brands. Making the transition from being an email newsletter company to being a tech brand shows the power that email has, despite the fact the general backend of email software has not changed since the Internet came onto the scene.

Despite the rave reviews that social media brands like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest consistently receive, you still need email to receive notifications from these social networks which highlights the importance of email in tech businesses because without email, basic communication could not be achieved. Whether people receive a Google alert about a loan for bad credit or a business update on the hottest tech companies in Silicon Valley, it’s clear that email is the glue that binds the Internet together.

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Email plays a large role in internet business, simple because it gives a close view of what you used it for, now everybody needs to do much and spend more on email marketing if they really want to grow their businesses more than there expectation,
Great write up Sarvanshu

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