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Why do people jailbreak an iPad?

jailbreak iPadJailbreaking is somewhere like hacking which helps the user to open up the cellphone devices or iPads to allow any kind of unapproved third party program installations. Since one year, this process has become pretty popular as the users get access to many of the pirated applications and also the paid applications available for free over the internet on the jailbroken devices. This is not the only reason why people jailbreak their devices including the iPad. There are many other reasons too of doing so with some of them discussed in this article. Let’s look at these possible reasons why people adopt this method of jailbreaking their devices including the iPad.

More applications and features in your basket: This is the basic reason why people jailbreak their iPads. You not only get free applications but also can find a huge number of applications in your devices. The highly regulated iTunes app store prevents some of the best applications found outside the Apple’s domain. When you jailbreak you make your device free from this restriction imposed by Apple. So by jailbreaking your ipads you can enjoy a number of incredible applications, download a number of YouTube videos for offline viewing, can tweak some hidden setting on your device and can even transfer a number of files via bluetooth. Also, you can enable flash, can even skin the phone with custom theme and icons, run a number of applications in the background and even can filter the phone calls. In other words you have the while under your keypads.

You get access to Winterboard: Another favorite reason for people to jailbreak their iPads is to get an access an application known as Winterboard. This is a perfect application for working with different themes. You can customize the appearance of your iPad’s springboard as your desktop or play with all your application icons and the area where they are found. With the help of this app you can change every aspect of your iPad’s appearance. Right from playing with your carrier log to the appearance of your dock, everything can be customized and that too for free.

You get access to music controls: With this application you can control virtually any kind of audio application on your iPad. The music controls works the same way the iPad controls, however, with this application you can even control apps like Pandora via your lock screen or within any application on your iPad device. With this application you can maintain the music controls on your status bar itself which you do not have to activate unlike the controls of iPod. You just have to press the icons placed over your status bar to control or manage your music. This applications is available for free when you want to use it with apps like Pandora, however, you need to pay 4.99 dollars if you plan to use it to control apps like the Slacker, Sirius/XM, Rhapsody or

Indeed the idea of jailbreaking is one of the best ways to unlock some awesome applications or features on your iPad device. The reasons discussed are few of the reasons why people love to adopt this process and get any application or feature under the sun which is barred by Apple.

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