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Why Cloud Computing is Just a Pie in the Sky?

Cloud Computing is now regarded as the next big stage in the internet development. It’s the internet “cloud” that’s going to enable businesses access a centralized hub in order to run software tools, storage and processing. But it still seems to be a Pie in the sky and the reasons for this belief are many. We shall understand more on this new term and also discuss why cloud computing is utterly impractical.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing moves computation to web in form of a service, which is web-based. Cloud computing is different from grid or utility computing. In Cloud computing, institutions contract with the internet vendors for computational resources. Cloud computing in simpler terms is the use of multiple servers via single digital network. These servers can be accessed through computer, tablet, notebook, smartphone or any other device. Cloud Computing is a process in which storage is done with the help of a cloud server.

How is Cloud computing aims to benefit you?

It’s the software that will always boast of targeting to match up your needs in the first place. You have a choice in the features that you require and also in payment plans. These plans let you begin with a package that covers all the present needs in addition to the ‘additional’ service which reflects business growth. Here are a few things you would like to know about Cloud Computing –

  • Cloud services aim to afford connection so that you can access crucial business information just anywhere and anytime. Flexibility in operation and secure access through web browser is something that you can’t miss!
  • Bid farewell to data back-up because now your cloud service provider will be responsible for storing your information in targeted “data centers” with minimal risk of damage. It’s time for you to stay relaxed even when your PC or mobile device is lost or stolen – you know you still have your data backed up!
  • Cloud services offer you low initial costs and trial arrangements that further enable effective evaluation of applications.

Cloud Computing: Limitations & Concerns

Most of us are aware of this new term because we are already using it as in software used for web-based banking or in income tax. Now, this is a well understood fact that the software does not run on a personal machine – it rather runs in, what you call, “cloud”. Here both your machine and your web browser is a client. But is anyone actually bothered about the OS or database Google is using? As a user, we simply login to the software.

One of the most important points of concern is that Cloud computing is ‘internet-based’. So, the immediate question that arrives next to this is whether the internet connection utilized by this service is actually capable of handling the demands of your applications. People spend good sums of money on the high-end communications for the sake of supercomputers and scientific clusters. These are the networks that actually have low-latency and Cloud computing depends largely on the internet communications infrastructure.

There are possible concerns for running applications in the cloud that are data-intensive. Cloud Computing can be a hard achieved dream in a time when high end internet connected HPC sites with several 10 gigabit links are struggling. There are multiple other issues that affect performance in an environment of cloud computing. 

Cloud computing can be seen as a pie in the sky, even though it is generating good deal of interest, as its scope is somewhere bogged down by its potential limitations. In future, we might see more modifications in this concept but for the time being it is certainly nothing much more than just a ‘pie in the sky’. 

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The above article is composed and edited by Eva K. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Cell Phone Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, mobile applications, cell phones, etc.

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