When can Video Blogging fool you?

Video blogging has become quite popular. After all, who doesn’t like to watch videos? They are extremely engaging and entertaining. But although they draw more views than textual blogs, videos aren’t always reliable and effective. Hitches and holdups are easily possible with this video marketing medium.   Also, sometimes they turn out to be just well designed marketing gimmicks that do not live up to their promise! Here are some areas where vlogging can fool you:

Advancement in technology has reduced credibility
Hi-end technology is used for vlogging. Apart from the fact that lights and other miscellaneous settings can be managed at the other end, there are many other applications that can be used in vlogging to fool viewers.  One tool that can make a huge difference is the editing software or program. Hence, quite a generous percentage of online viewers remain unsure about what they are seeing and whether to rely on that or not.

Working with this technology can get complicated

Using vlogging is not very easy and it requires understanding a lot of elements like knowing how to upload videos, sharing it through a social platform and obstructing spam posts. Also, creating videos is not that easy, especially if you want to make a good quality one. You have to work with cameras and other equipment used for recording. Novices will have to spend time learning how to make and upload records for video marketing. You also cannot afford to have any disruptions while recording videos. If there are any unwanted sounds in the background or some type of mishap occurring on the screen, the recording becomes futile.  Lots of people also host these videos by themselves, which takes up a lot of space as well as bandwidth. In addition, investment might also be high with vlogging as a lot of equipment and technology is required to start it off. So, the whole affair can appear like a massive challenge for a novice.

User impression might not always be impactful

Although visual effects like graphic images and recordings are liked by users, video marketing does come with a catch. The first deterrent is that videos sometimes take a very long time to load. Internet users are generally impatient and give up before the video is ready for viewing. Videos also take up a lot of server space, greater bandwidth and faster connection. There are many users who do not use speedy connections. Vlogging can be a real mess for them. In addition, not every user owns a top quality machine. So, the video and audio quality is not just in hands of the maker, the equipment used by viewers will also affect it.  Hence, the video will not look that great if the user does not have a good quality machine and infrastructure.

Marketing and promotion can get difficult

Videos are in demand on the internet. But pushing them can get challenging. For example, categorizing videos and making them search engine friendly is not that easy. This is because they do not contain much of textual data. So, video marketers have to come up with a lot of creative tricks to get them noticed online, such as inclusion of relevant keywords in the title and description. Also, it must also be ensured that the Vlogger has segmented the market correctly for the video before creating it. Often, the person will need to supplement the video with presentation, transcripts and images to help users understand the message. Securing advertisements for vlogging is also not that easy. Marketers will have to settle for text ads. Even Google’s video advertising program runs ads on the webpage and not in the video itself! So, though the video might shoots up on rankings, the revenues coming out might not be as good.

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