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What to Expect From Blackberry 10?

With the launch of iOS 6, let’s take a look at another much awaited and oft-delayed platform – Blackberry 10. Yes, there’s news that BB 10 will be tested by carriers this October. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Jam developer conference in San Jose, Calif. held on September 25 has furnished some inside news on what to expect from Blackberry 10 – and whether or not you’re a Blackberry fan, this is worth checking out.


Experts have noted that the new Blackberry 10 looks like a kid of Windows Phone 7 and Android. That’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, this can actually be an interesting combo and may actually work well. It may also emerge as the new contender in Google Android and Apple iOS race.

Common features

Once the Blackberry 10 hits the market, its users will have an OS which continues to integrate messaging well. It will also toggle apps seamlessly, and enable people to do a lot of tasks with just one hand.

Multilingual conversation – a bonus to global users

But that’s not all you will get from Blackberry 10. This device will let you message in English, French, and Spanish in the same conversation! I am quite sure that RIM’s global user base will appreciate this amazing feature.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said that Blakberry 10 comes packed with the ability to make every notification meaningful and avoid the dreaded app icon layout. So, there’ll be no more application grid and no in and out. Now that seems like a good idea.

Social Apps – something’s new!

RIM also noted that one or two popular social apps will be native on BlackBerry 10. On September 25, Facebook for Blackberry 10 made its first public appearance. In first impression it looked so much like the Facebook for iOS app with all shortcuts on top and left navigation panel.

Even Foursquare showed of its native app for the platform. Most of its functionalities and appearance looks familiar. However, there’s one thing that none of the users have seen before – it’s BBM integration. With this new feature users will get the chance to broadcast their check-in to BlackBerry Messenger along with other social networks.

Apart from Facebook and Foursquare, RIM confirmed that Twitter and LinkedIn will also be available at launch.

BlackBerry Peek

In the conference Heins also talked about BlackBerry Peek, a feature that allows you to check in on apps like Facebook without actually launching the app. Now that sounds interesting.


Other big-name developer partners mentioned by RIM for Blackberry 10 include Gameloft and Halfbrick for games and Cisco for enterprise software.

So by all circumstances, in Blackberry 10 platform, we will get some exciting new features that will excite the global users and social media junkies alike. And the platform also holds the promise of a good platform that will be appreciated by all users. Now, you do not have to stand dirty looks in the public transport (they think you as relics) – Blackberry 10 will give you the chance to work swiftly and enjoy quality entertainment as well.


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