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What to do When You Suspect Your Kids are Interacting with Strangers Online

We all know the danger interacting with strangers on the internet poses to young children. You don’t want your kids telling outsiders things that are personal to them. But what if you’re suspicious something like that is already going on, and you don’t know how to confront them about it? It might be true that they are already interacting with strangers, and if it turns out you’re wrong you will feel bad about yourself. What should you do?

The best thing a parent that is concerned about the safety of his/her kids, but yet respects their feelings would do in this case is verify your findings before taking any action. Which brings us to the main point, how to keep track of what your kids do on the internet.

Install Monitoring Software – Webwatcher

You should know what your kids are doing with their computer in your absence before you confront them for interacting with strangers online. You don’t want to appear like a bully before your kids. That can pretty much do a lot of damage. The danger in a parent making a mistake that makes him look like a bully before his kid can threaten the relationship between parents and their kids.

With that said, you must get your facts before taking any action. And the best way to do that is to have a monitoring program installed on your kids’ computer.

Webwatcher is a very strong and reliable monitoring program, it’s famous for its ability to capture everything that’s done on a computer – even to the slightest keystroke. Other programs of this nature are Verisign and Norton.

Teach your Kids Online Security

Once you’ve installed internet monitoring software on your kids’ computer and are able to confirm through the screen shots provided that they truly are communicating with strangers online, you should then move forward to the next line of action. Many parents would have opted for the forceful hard way to correcting a kid which is to seize their laptop or scold them. But that won’t do your kids any good.

What you should do in that condition is to sit them down and teach them the basic things about the internet. You should teach them that you don’t just chat with strangers on the internet. Make them know that exchanging information on the internet is a dangerous act. When you talk openly to your kids about the dangers involved in communicating with strangers online, you’ll notice them change their approach towards social media sites, chat rooms and e-mail.

Block any Suspicious Websites

If you notice that after talking to your kids about the dangers of communicating with strangers online you still find traces of these websites in their computer but don’t know how, the best thing to do is block the website in question.

Blocking websites on your kids’ computer will prevent them from having access to them and give you rest of mind. There are technical ways to block a website but you might want to go for a program that can help you with that. Verisign and Norton are the best programs out there for this task. They might come at a price, but you can use the coupon or discounts code for verisign promo to reduce the cost.

What other actions do you take when you suspect your kids are communicating with strangers online? Share your experience in the comment section.

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This is a very important topic and that’s great that you decided to rise it. I think that parents should take care about their children’s safety even if they are sitting near the computer, because there a lot of bad things that can influence on them

This software is very helpful in monitoring the activities of our children today. There are many advantages that we can get from using internet but it could also pose dangers to the security of our children and family.

Very important information for those parents whose children are using internet. Monitoring Software will help in this matter. Last option is also very important to Block any Suspicious Websites.

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