What Is A Pillar Post-Article-Content?

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A pillar is blog content, usually an article, which does some very important


• It will bring in a rush of new readers and backlinks (other sites linking to

your blog).

• It will continue to bring in more readers over time as you and other people

refer to it, even though it may be buried in the archives of your blog.

• Eventually it will bring in traffic from search engines (this is largely

because so many other web pages link to it).

• You can list it in a separate area (like an articles page) with all your other

pillars so your best content can easily be accessed and your value clearly


• It is not time dependent, so in twelve months’ time it will still be relevant

and popular.

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  • Lokia Cargo

    Make pillar content is need a time, but it is worth it, because it increase blogger authority.
    Or maybe for some expert writer it will be no brain. So, it is great to make a long list post, blueprint, tutorial, with spending a time to make a small research.

    Lokia Cargo’s last blog post..9 Cool Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates from Entrecard Traffic!

  • Tellie

    Ahh yes I do happen to come across a few pillars from time to time and still comment on them. Sometimes the really good stuff is buried deep down somewhere.

    Tellie’s last blog post..I was THIS close to being stung by a bee

  • Cameron Kelly

    Article Submissions is quite tiring sometimes because of the effort that you have to put in it.:~~

  • Jackson Hill

    article submissions can do great for a newly built site on the internet*”*

  • Mendy Dukett

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