How to get re-enabled your disabled Facebook account?

This is happening with countless facebook users all around the globe everyday. Facebook disables the accounts of users who are doing suspicious submissions. The definition of suspicious, often means just using the facebook too much. Normally, Facebook warns the people and gives them one more chance to change themselves and at times they just terminate the account suddenly and permanently. Mostly, they turn back the disabled accounts, automatically after a calm down or after sending a humble request to the facebook authorities. But in some cases, they just ban the account and forget it.

Facebook has not declared about what type of bad behavior can get the facebook account disabled, and this is the only reason that is leaving the people confused, angry or desperate when they gets the message ACCOUNT DISABLED. I have listed some of the most common reasons on “why the facebook accounts are disabled?” so that people can keep their accounts safe from getting it disabled by facebook. Keep in mind that the list mentioned below is absolutely not a complete one and as the time passes, policies will keep on changing according to requirement, we will have to live with a bit hesitation while using Facebook.

Here is the Solution:

If you find your Facebook account disabled for one or more (or other) reasons, there is only one thing you can do: Write a decent email to Facebook mentioning your emaillike this-

Mr. Facebook,

How are you ?

Today is a very beautiful day but I am very sad because I came to know that you disabled my Facebook account with email id

You also did not tell me the reason for disabling my account.
I am aware of Facebook policies and always used to play safe with Facebook.
I’ll be so happy if you re-enable my account. If I’ve done anything against your policies I am so sorry, I’ll take care next time.

Thank you Mr. Facebook. Hope you have a good day. :)

you will need to send an email to Facebook at one or all of these addresses:

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My friends account got disabled and he tried this and she said all she got were some pointless emails to links and she still couldn’t log on to her fb 🙁

Thanks you helped alot 😀 but i was winder how long could it take to be re-enabled ? I REALLY hope this works

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