What the Heck has Google just done? Your Pageranks on the Cry…

Recently, there have been worries and concerns from webmasters, often laced with heavy panic, that the “accident” that occurred with Google pagerank toolbar plugins must have some formidable effects on their sites and could have caused a fall behind on the rankings of their sites. To be sincere, I felt the same about my lunarpages discount and icontact coupon blog, too.

The fear that your site might have been affected and thus your pagerank must have dropped is now a major issue around the web. Even companies are frightened that their advertisers may stop coming to them when they notice that their google pagerank is nothing but 0. Here is what actually happened, to show you that nothing is wrong with your pageranks.

Google shifted some of their servers at the pagerank section to different set of servers which has made it impossible for the toolbar plugins to locate and track the google pagerank of websites on the internet thus giving rise for concerns.

So, it is neither the end of google pagerank nor a sign that your blog’s or website’s pagerank is back to 0.

There are actually some plugins that are said to have been able track the count of websites’ pagerank after the changes have taken place in google, but we can’t hold on to anything as certainty in this type of situation.

The best you can do now is to await the update of the next version of the google toobar plugin and other SEO and SERP toolbar plugins before you can hold on to a particular figure as your blog’s pagerank.

Author: John Edget is a writer for coupon blog, and shares tips and ideas on SEO. You can have a feel of his lunarpages and icontact blog and even earn free discount coupons for lunarpages coupon code and icontact offer codes.

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