What can Android Jelly Bean learn from Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 5.0 or Android Jelly Bean as it’s being touted is the reported newest addition to the Android OS family. It has been suggested that it will be released in the third quarter. This is a serious slice of android news people. If the massively updated Ice Cream Sandwich was anything to go by we

ought to see monumental changes this time round too. Since its purported release many people have chimed in, creating a sort of dialogue, or android forum, where suggested updates have been discussed. Some of the dominant points seem to be that as the processing power of Android devices increases so too should the OS’s ability to manage battery power in a sustainable way. Another suggested feature or possibility rather is the release of a streamlined 5.0 for budget handsets. As more and more Android handsets are sold in developing countries the need for the ability for those to run the most advanced version of the Android OS is high. Unfortunately with slower processing power than top end devices this may prove difficult unless the software is in some way streamlined. I suppose we would have to wait and see whether that happens.


One of the other major concerns people seem to share is the ability of Android to roll out the software effectively. ICS was released back in October 2011 and has still only been released on 3 percent of handsets. This makes this writer wonder how long Jelly Bean will take to roll out and whether or not the Android OS is simply developing too fast. What good is a new operating system if only 3 percent of Android users are able to use it? This seems like a monumental problem for Android and one that needs to be addressed with a pre roll out strategy of some kind.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the release of Android Jelly bean, is this the biggest Android news of 2012 so far? Are you hopeful for a speedy roll out or are you still reeling over the snail pace of the Ice Cream Sandwich roll-out? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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