3 ways to expand your digital horizons

Digital HorizonsThe digital world is always expanding. With technology developing at a rapid pace and a vast amount of fresh content appearing online by the hour, the scale of the technological world can sometimes seem daunting. This constant growth shouldn’t be daunting, though. Instead, this growth should be empowering to us all.

The key to allowing tech to be empowering lies in accepting that you can’t be everywhere at once. Expanding your horizons in the digital world is all about picking and choosing the things which matter to you. Setting yourself achievable and tangible goals is a great place to begin. With this in mind, here we look at a handful of actionable tips to help you expand those digital horizons.


Learn how to build a website

Most people who don’t know how to code balk at the idea of making a website, but only because very few people know how little it really entails. While you’re unlikely to have an interactive, content rich, feed driven website built in a matter of hours, you might be surprised at how much you are able to learn.


The ability to write your own code for even the most basic of websites will transform the way you look at and understand the World Wide Web.


Take CAD training

In the world of design, computer aided design software is king. This software is incredibly powerful and can lead the user to do truly stunning things with only a computer and a little bit of creative flair. While the applications can be complicated, a small investment in CAD training can open a great many doors, particularly in a professional realm.


Experiment with open source software

The easiest way to learn new things is often to throw yourself in at the deep end. The great news is that when it comes to computing, this doesn’t need to be an expensive business. Using free and open source software, it’s possible to learn how to do anything from scratch.

A great starting challenge for anyone looking to become more competent with software is to install a Linux distribution onto their own computer and to install a number of basic pieces of software. Not only will this be free, but it can be done alongside your present operating system – requiring absolutely zero sacrifice on your behalf.

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