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You have profiles on almost every social networking website from Facebook to Flickr to LinkedIn. This post enlists sites that provide you to create your single web page (let’s call it your virtual business card) that will help people easily explore your various online social identities and also connect with you on common networks where they too may have a presence.

  • ‚Äì You normally have to pay around $10 per year to buy a domain name on the Internet but with, you get a free domain name (like to display all your social profiles and other online activities in one place.
  • OnePage ‚Äì You may use this service for creating your virtual business card as well as for sharing your lifestream or what you do online ‚Äì see example.
  • FriendFeed Badge ‚Äì FriendFeed offers an extremely customizable widget that can have any width and you can completely remove all the branding from the profile badge before
  • Retaggr – If you are looking to embed your social business card in your website or your email signature, Retaggr is probably a good choice.
  • ‚Äì The services that we discussed so far are actually life-streaming applications that also offer a way to share your social profiles from one place. is different.
  • Google Profiles ‚Äì Grab a vanity URL for your Google Profile if you haven‚Äôt done so already and what you get is a personal portal that has your recent photos plus links to your blog and other social profiles.You should also enable the ‚ÄòSend a message‚Äô option so that anyone with a Google Account can email you without knowing your email address ‚Äì see example.
  • DooID is your Web 2.0 business card with e-mail signature. Get your own design, evaluate your networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), interests & services and decide who may see what.
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