Viral YouTube Videos That Made To Finals of 2010

Enjoy the YouTube videos that made our year.

Here are some viral videos that made to finals of most viral videos:-

Kitten Riding Turtle

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more adorable than this kitten cruising on a turtle.

Yoshida Brothers

I want these guys to write the soundtrack to my life.

Stair Walk

After Michael Jackson passed away, I searched relentlessly for the one who would be crowned the new “King Of Pop”.

Mini MJ

There have been reports that this thing dancing in the underground subway stations of New York City may actually be a shrinking Michael Jackson, broke and looking for crack dollars

Party Like These Guys

If you need help learning how to behave at a party, just take a gander at these festive fellows. They definitely know how to get down, just don’t end up like this guy:

How Tough Are NES Games?

Always wondered how tough your NES games were, but didn’t have the heart to torture them to find out?

Concealed Weapons

This kid is the TSA’s worst nightmare. After watching this video I now understand why airport security is so tight these days.

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