Your Veins Will Be CURRENCY, So Save Them For FUTURE…..

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Hitachi USB Finger Vein with logo2(1)The new wave of finger-based recognition uses veins, not fingerprints, to ID people. Hitachi has just announced their new biometric cardless credit payment system that reads the patterns of blood vessels in one’s fingers. Apparently, all our veins are unique, like snowflakes or, well, fingerprints, and can be used to easily ID people. Simply slide your finger into the machine and in a second you’ll be verified. These things should start popping up in Japanese convenience stores and panty vending machines in the near future, with their migration over here sure to happen soon afterwards. Anything that’ll let me pay for stuff without having the few seconds that getting my wallet out takes to ponder my purchase is A-OK with me.

One Japanese company has created a new biometrics system that identifies people by scanning their veins. They believe results are harder to falsify than iris or fingerprint scanning.

Hitachi is trying out the technology in the company’s on-site shops and some Japanese banks have already adopted it.

Sources: BBC click | Gizmodo

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