TV Remote Buttons You Never Use!

We live in a world of buttons: cell phone pads, computer keys, dashboard controls, the start button on new cars, and television remotes. There was a time the only button thought of was the one on the front of a shirt. Technology brings the latest and greatest to our homes and to our couches through the invention of the TV remote and the many buttons it possesses.

Not only can you turn on any device, but you have the option of recording from one device to another and uploading the video to the Internet through direct-connect access. It’s those odd buttons in the middle of all those usable ones that cause the problem. If you’re like most people, once you programmed the remote to work with all your devices and wrote the input codes on the inside of the battery covers, the guide went into the trash with the plastic clam-shell package. This was a fatal error.

Short of pushing the QLinkĀ button and possibly reprogramming your electronic warehouse, you are stuck not knowing what the button does. Instead, you hit Menu and scroll through until you find the screen ratio, audio or closed-caption settings. Another button goes unused.

The days of On, Off, Up, and Down are gone. You have choices by the dozens. Flash back to the last channel by hitting one of three buttons. Once you find one that does what you want the rest are useless to you. The volume control and Mute buttons are a necessary part of the television experience. The introduction of TiVo brought about the use of the Exit and Record buttons. This still leaves Mode and Display waiting for their day of recognition. I won’t even go into the satellite companies and the litany of extra options with their services.

The speed of technological advancements keeps the television remote control buttons ever changing. TV companies would raise profits exponentially with a simple button upgrade on the television console. All in favor of a Find Remote button, raise your hand.

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