Trace a Cell Phone using a reverse cell phone directory

Almost everyone may have received some annoying phone calls from someone pretending to be someone else or attempting to hide behind the mask of Anonymity.

Anonymous phone calls are now a thing of the past. The technology to search telephone numbers is now available to the general public and not only to law authorities.

With the world quickly moving to being mobile, a reverse cell phone directory, you can use the services to retrieve information on any mobile phone. The information provided can include the name and address of the cell phone account, the carrier, and in many cases, if you do some advanced searching you may even be able to find out the location when the called was made.

Big Data is everywhere

Much of the data is publicly available, but you need to know how to find it.  The operators of mobile networks are not obliged to release telephone listings, even though the information is not considered as private. The information is made available to third parties who pay a fee to operate reverse cell phone directories.

Every day, thousands of families and individual across the country may receive prank calls,  or calls from telemarketers.Seniors can be vulnerable to receiving scam phone calls, such as Medicare recipients receiving calls from scammers pretending to be Medicare employees. The victims are tricked into disclosing personal information, such as Social  Security and Bank account numbers under the threat of being denied benefits.

It is now easier to verify the identity of the caller, with a search of a reverse telephone directory.

Using a reverse cell phone directory

  • An effective use of the reverse cell phone directory, is monitor all calls to and from a specific telephone number, as providers, are required to keep records of the telephone activity for a period of 5 years .
  • Searching the directory is very easy once you gain access. Depending on how the directory is setup, it is simple as entering the phone number and set the parameters of the search.
  • The application takes a few seconds to search the directory and return your results.
  • The  use of the  reverse cell phone directory can be very cost-effective, and it is in fact a resource that is used regularly by private investigators.

Cell phones records figure prominently in court cases. However,  without hiring expensive private investigators,with the use of a reverse cell phone directory, you can have the extensive activity of any cell phone at your fingertips.

There are different cost structures for the use of the directories. You may have the option of paying for each search, or you can pay a  very affordable monthly or annual fee for a larger amount or even an unlimited amount of searches.

One of the disadvantages of access to the  reverse cell phone directory, is that it makes cell phone activity available to everyone, and since the information is publicly available, there is now considerable debate as to what happen to information that was or should be considered as private.

Cell phone records can be easily subpoenaed from providers, if they are to entered in legal cases, but it appears that may no longer be necessary for the general public.

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