Top 10 Mobile Game Developers of 2011

With more and more people adopting smartphones, mobile gaming is on the rise. Mobile games are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with games that feature stunning graphics, HD display and addicting game play. As the number of smartphone owners increase, developers continue to produce high quality games to reach this mass audience. In no particular order, the following are mobile game developers that have made it big in the past year, and are looking forward to another successful year.

Mobile Games Developers

Rovio is most known for its franchise Angry Birds, first released in 2009. The addicting, yet simple-to-play catapult game has accumulated over 500 million downloads in two years. Angry Birds is available on most mobile devices, and has recently released their series for Facebook.

PopCap Games are one of the leading developers of casual games, releasing an impressive list of games over the years. Their strengths lie in easy yet captivating games that appeal to a broad demographic.  Bejeweled, Zuma, and Plants vs. Zombies are some of the most popular games in their catalog, but mobile compatibility is currently limited to iPhones.

Gameloft is one of the largest mobile game developers, with 4,000 staff members located in multiple offices around the world. This France-based developing studio has experienced successful revenue growth over the years, with an expensive game library focused on mobile platforms. They offer dozens of games compatible with mobile devices, including Asphalt 6 Adrenaline and Shadow Guardian.

4.Glu Mobile
Based in San Francisco, Glu Mobile is a large mobile games publisher that offers games across a variety of platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Palm. Their games include original titles such as Stardom: The A-List and Magic Life, and partners titles with major entertainment companies.

Founded in 2008, ngmoco is a leading mobile game publisher, mainly producing games for the iOS and Android platforms. One key characteristic of ngmoco is their Mobage platform for the Android, a social gaming platform that boasts over 25 million users. Their most popular games include the Rolando series and We series.

Nimblebit is most known for its simulation tower-building game, Tiny Tower, available on both the iOS and Android. In 2011, Tiny Tower was distinguished as iPhone’s “Game of the Year”, solidifying its position as one of the most popular games available. Another popular game is Pocket Frogs, a free game which has reached over 4 million downloads.

7.Backflip Studios
Making games for both iOS and Android audiences, this US based game studio has a large following for its wide variety of games. Backflip Studios is most known for their game Paper Toss, which has accumulated over 24 million downloads. This game is characteristic for its success with the freemium model, setting an example for small developers worldwide.

8.Halfbrick Studios
This indie development studio is located in Australia, but have stood out among the worldwide leaders in mobile gaming. Previously developing games for video game consoles, Halfbrick Studios made the shift to mobile devices in 2010, with great success. Though relatively small, this studio is most known for producing Fruit Ninja, Monster Rush and Age of Zombies.

This Japanese developer targets the iOS and Android market, creating unique titles for both mobile platforms. They are well known for their quirky simulation games, such as Pocket League Story and Dungeon Village. Its most well known title, Game Dev Story, is highly rated and praised for its addictive, original gameplay.

Zeptolab is a Russian-based video game developer who found success with their main title, Cut the Rope. This game has maintained its position in the Android Market as one of the top paid games, as has been touted as the next Angry Birds.

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