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Top Marketing Trends That Will Give You Edge

Who doesn’t know that social media marketing is taking over the conventional forms of brand promotion these days? Why will it not be – after all it is one of the easiest ways to go international and attract attention of global target groups without spending much time and fortune! But in order to be a bit ahead of your competitors you must have knowledge about the hot trends in marketing that is dominating the market at present. So, here are some for you to check out!

  • Integrated web portal

The primary one among the raging trends in media marketing is that rather than the traditional official websites more and more corporate users now prefer to have an integrated web portal that will have their extended applications in some of the popular social networks too. This is undoubtedly a praiseworthy measure to get closer to the potential clients through the virtual world and en-cash the feedbacks of their true fans as a further addition to their promotional activities.

  • More convenient helpdesk

Previously, the only engine of communication between buyers and sellers was a pre-designed list of ‘frequently answered questions’. It is needless to mention that it was too inconvenient for the customers as problems do not limit themselves within a set periphery. The marketers have probably understood this. Thus, the latest trend in social media marketing that we saw was that a business page in popular social networks emerged as portable help desk to clarify simple doubts.

  • Expanded social media budget

Another trend that caught our attention is that business entities have become too generous about their investments in social media marketing. Whether the case relates to in-house expenditure on technical up-gradations or outsourced services, companies of all shapes and sizes adopted extremely liberal attitude towards spending lots of money on social media. The reasons are quite obvious though.

  • Priority on content

Although content had been the heart and soul of online marketing, marketers gave even more priority on contents this time so that they appear impressive to their probable clients and majority of them  find that the contents worthy enough to share in their personal social networking sites. However, brand filtration was a part of the process as marketers and business entities realized that the traffic has least time to invest in long and too detailed contents. Rather, catchy snippets and to the point contents would receive more social footprints. So, they opted for the same.
Author Bio

Roman Sahakov  is the CEO and founder of  Frozzo Social Media Company , a marketing and branding strategist.  He is fascinated by our evolving online searching culture and likes to be part of it.

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