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Top Contacts Management Apps for Android Phones.

Are you facing this problem? Constantly deleting same copies of numbers on your Android phone by manually searching each number and deleting it?
The reason for duplicate contacts is that you’re synced with Gmail , facebook and other services.

You can remove these duplicate contacts from your android phone using a wide variety of apps available with a flick of a second.

Here are the apps.

1.Contact Analyzer 2

Contact Analyzer for Android helps to analyze contacts and then optimize them accordingly by deleting or merging identical numbers, emails, IMs, and postal addresses.

2.Go Contacts

Go Contacts not only manages the contacts well but also beautifies your stock Contacts and dialer interface. It is featured by fast search, grouping, duplicates merge and secure backup/recovery.

3.Contact Remover

Contact Remover is small tool to let you delete multiple contacts. Select one, many, or all. Search to identify contacts to delete. Touch to show contact details in app to help you decide which contacts to delete. Search works across all contact information (name, company, address, etc.).

4.Contacts Merger

Contacts Merger fixes address books bloated with many duplicate contacts. Contacts Merger finds and merges duplicate contacts in your address book.

What apps have you been using for contact management?

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