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Top 5 Online Image Editing Tools

Use these online tools(websites) to enhance your photos and images with ease in no time.

1. Sumo Paint is a free web-based image editor with some very impressive features. I’m not going to describe it as a rival or even a serious alternative to Photoshop, because it’s not. What it is however, is an excellent little graphics editor that is useful for web designers or developers who may not have or want to use Photoshop.

2. Pixlr is a user friendly online image editing application that is essentially designed for non professional users and allows them to effortlessly edit images. The application is surprisingly fast and it normally takes less than 2 seconds to upload on a user’s screen. Pixlr comes across as an effective application for editing images if one needs to use them in their blogs, image galleries, social networking sites etc; however it not suitable for editing large images.

3. Lunapic Do you have a Facebook or MySpace account? Would you like to edit your profile picture online? Enter and check this online application you can use to edit pics online for free. On this site you can check this online photo editor features, including lots of picture effects and editing tools. Enter this site and try this free online editor.

4. Splashup , formerly known as fauxto, is an online image editing service that provides some advanced tools and is unique for its incorporation of image editing layer effects. The site is still in beta, and so does not offer full editing capabilities yet.

5. Phixr Online Photo editor has a sleek Web 2.0 look n’ feel and offers more features than any other tool. The edited photos can be directly uploaded to flickr, fotopic, livejournal, photobucket,, buzznet and dropshots without downloading them to your hard-drive. Phixr lets you edit multiple pictures and stay online for about 3 hours.

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