Top Advantages of Mobile Phone Insurance

Theft of Smartphones and expensive gadgets like laptops and tablets is a raising concern nowadays that no one feels comfortable with, even when keeping a phone in a backpack or a bag. Smartphones such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Nokia Lumia range and the HTC phones are by no means cheap or affordable to everybody. They are vulnerable to damage, targets for thieves and very expensive to replace. Unless you have a good way to secure your gadgets, you will almost certainly be putting yourself at financial risk.

I previously had my mobile phone stolen and it was not even a desirable piece of gadget as it was not a Smartphone. I left it on the table of a restaurant for about 1 minute as I went up to ask the waiter for the bill. When I had returned to the table I had forgotten that it was on the table and was taken because I left it unattained. I realized a couple hours later when I returned home as I needed to make a phonecall and could not find my phone. Although it wasn’t a Smartphone, it was a camera phone and I clearly remember taking pictures with and leaving it on the restaurant table.

My new phone is a Smartphone now but I had been without a phone for 5 months because I needed to save up for one. Being without a phone almost feels like being without a TV when you’re at home and that’s exactly how I felt for the 5 months when I never had a phone. My Smartphone is insured and I make sure I ensure any phone upgraded phone I get. As I did a bit of research on gadget insurance and mobile phone insurance before getting it for myself I know a bit about it so I’ll explain what gadget insurance is all about.

iPhone and mobile phone insurance

Gadget and mobile phone insurance is not a new concept but has been growing in popularity over the last few years.  You may still use covers and cases for the protection and make take a few anti-theft measures to avoid losing it or having it stolen. Gadget and mobile phone insurance however, not only covers you against theft but carries other benefits too. The actual benefits and prices may vary depending on the insurer so I will not go into prices but here’s a list of things that you should expect to be covered for:

  • Scratches
  • Falls
  • Spills
  • Accidental damages
  • Breakage
  • Theft

The above is not commonly covered by the manufacturer. Just like when you buy a new car and go instantly for the car insurance before you hit the road, you may want to go for the mobile phone insurance as soon as you purchase it.

How to choose the insurance packages

You may find that the insurance coverage provided by many brands may vary a lot. If you want to compare the packages, get a quote now from such providers online and compare all the package details. Unlike other insurance policy’s, with gadget insurance you pay a very small amount. The amount you pay in monthly installments for car insurance for instance may even be enough to cover your gadgets for an entire year.

The package will cover most damage types and you will be able to use your Smartphone/gadget openly. It will give you the piece of mind and can make you financially more secure so if something happens you can obtain a replacement without having to pay the full cost of a phone.

Author bio:

Muhammad Azam is a technology and gadget enthusiast who has previously written for some highly respectable companies such as Protect your bubble who are one of UK’s leading mobile phone insurance provider. For mobile phone insurance you can get a quote now.

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