Top 5 Tiny Flash Drives

Smallest size yet largest capacity USB flash drive ,Teeniest flash drive around.

Geeks, who have been around for long enough, remember their first hard-drives. Some remember their first gigabyte, others remember forty megabytes while even some remember luggage-sized 5 meg drives. It continually shocks us when newer and smaller storage is made available, and we get all giggly when it happens.

No exception, these little drives are the smallest we’ve ever seen. Barely bigger than the tip of your pinky, and less than 4mm thick, it’s positively small.

1. Super Talent Elite Swivel

Available in capacities of 1GB to 16GB, this mini-size model measures just 12mm by 29.5mm, and is 6.5mm thick. The USB connector swivels out from the nickel-clad device for easy hookups, and tucks away for safe-keeping. A ring loop lets you attach the device to a key ring or lanyard.

2. Lexar JumpDrive FireFly

Physically, the Lexar JumpDrive FireFly is the smallest drive in Lexar’s USB lineup. Each of its four colors corresponds to a capacity: 2GB (black), 4GB (white), 8GB (charcoal), and 16GB (red). The drive has a slide-off plastic top that might be tough to keep track of, but this top does have a small loop through which you can hook a lanyard.

3. Verbatim Tuff ‘n’ Tiny

Verbatim’s mini drives live up to their name, with a candy-colored plastic enclosure around the USB connector. Each drive measures 12.7mm by 30.2mm and is just 1.5mm thick. The drives are available in four colors, each matching a different capacity: black for 16GB, purple for 8GB, green for 4GB, and orange for 2GB. The lanyard hold is plastic, and the drive includes a key-ring loop.

4. Super Talent Pico

Similar in size and form to the Verbatim Tuff ‘n’ Tiny, the Pico is billed as water-resistant, too. This capless model comes in chrome, gold-plated, and nickel-plated varietals, in capacities from 2GB to 32GB.

5. Transcend JetFlash T5

Available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB variations (in orange, white, and red, respectively), this drive has a slide-out USB connector. It includes Transcend’s JetFlash Elite software for security and data backup.

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