Top 5 Tablets for the Kid in Your Life

nvidiatablet_kalelIs your kid ready for a tablet? Are you prepared to put the benefits of tablet technology into his little hands? With the many offerings for today’s kids, the hardest part about this decision may not be if your child is ready, but rather what tablet to invest in!

LeapPad 2

This tablet is created for kids ages 3 to 9. Everything about this tablet is kid-friendly, from the easy-to-use front-and-back cameras to the durability that is specifically designed to withstand drops and bumps, which are inevitable when the preschool set uses a tablet. LeapFrog has its own games and apps that you can download to the device, and they grow with your child, increasing in difficulty as your child completes levels.

Many of the games feature their favorite characters from children’s books and movies. The second model has a better battery life and the addition of another camera. The LeapPad encourages game play using the stylus or touch screen. Some games even use an internal GPS, so the kids actually move characters or game pieces by turning and shaking the tablet.


Tabeo is Toys R Us’s kid-friendly tablet. With soft, carefully protected edges and a large 7-inch screen, the Tabeo seems to be designed specifically for little hands. Perhaps the greatest feature of the Tabeo is the fact that it is preloaded with over 50 free apps, so you don’t have to download some just to get started. It’s also Android enabled, so you can add your favorite Android apps to please the kid in your life. Angry Birds or Cut the Rope anyone? Parents love the parental controls on this one, including a mobile parental filter and the ability to set time limits on the tablet.

Nabi 2

Nabi is another Android tablet designed specifically for kids. It also has a soft, flexible skin surrounding a 7-inch screen. It comes preloaded with Fooz Kids University, a system that offers kids the chance to practice important fundamental skills they need for school. Kids can even have their favorite shows streaming to their tablet for just $2.99 a month through the Spinlets+ TV feature.

Kindle Fire 7

The Kindle Fire 7 was not designed for kids, but it can be used for them. This 7-inch tablet features unlimited cloud storage for content purchased on Amazon, a long battery life and twice the memory of its earlier counterparts. Full Android capabilities mean that all of the Android-specific apps and games your kid love are available, and they can also search the web with the Wi-Fi connectivity. Because it has fewer protections and is a bit more fragile than the kid tablets, this one is best suited for older kids and even teens.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini takes everything that makes the iPad a favorite tablet and shrinks it to a more kid-friendly 7.9-inch size. Again, this one is not designed specifically for kids, so it is better saved for older kids who are able to take care of the device. Since there are over 300,000 apps for the iPad, including some, like Spelling City, that are not yet available for Android, this may offer more opportunities than some of the other tablets.

If you are shopping for a tablet for your kid, each of these offers its own benefits. Consider the age of your child, the features desired and the platform that will work best for your needs, and you will be able to find the right tablet.

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