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If you’re sick of all the business apps, web tools, and the general glut of useful items that saturate the world of smartphone applications, look no further. Like the old saying goes, there’s an app for everything, and there really is. There’s also an app for nothing, if nothing is what you would particularly like to indulge in for a bit. In fact, there are plenty of apps for nothing – nothing particularly useful, that is. Here are the top five craziest apps to be found for the iPhone and Android.

1.Bic Concert Lighter

If you’ve ever gone to a concert, heard a song being played that was particularly meaningful to you, wanted to wave your lighter in the air in solidarity, but then checked your pocket and found that you didn’t have a lighter on you, this app may just be for you. Not only does this app provide a handy lighter simulation that you can whip out at any particularly poignant and necessary moments, but it does so without taking up any extra pocket space or wasting any fossil fuels. This app is available only for Android.


This cheap app for iPhones allows you to fog up your screen by blowing on the microphone. Once the screen is thoroughly fogged up, the fun begins. Bring to life both the hopeless romantic and the little child inside of you who used to love to create secret messages on the bathroom mirror. And the best thing about this app is that it’s regenerative at will. Write away to your heart’s content and re-fog up the screen whenever you want by blowing into the microphone again. Hot tip: wipe away all the steam and find out what’s on the other side of the glass.


If you are a grown-up, feel free to skip this one. Spark is an app that can provide hours of pointless fun by triggering your smartphone to light up and buzz whenever it is touched. Leave your phone in strategic locations around the room, hide around the corner, and watch and laugh as your friends get the shock of their lives. This electrocution simulation is only available for Android.



For those of us who are serious about doing nothing, this app meets all of our wildest expectations and more. SimStapler features a virtual stapler and a virtual hand to press down on it. All you, the wily and clever user, has to do is use the virtual hand to press down on the virtual stapler and you will reap a satisfying and incredibly life-like stapling noise. You may repeat this process as desired, until all your virtual paperwork is neatly stapled in order or until you tire of the extremely realistic stapling noise simulation.

5.iFart and droidFart

On the opposite end of the app rainbow are the fart apps, iFart for the iPhone and droidFart for Android. These apps allow you to fart on command, selecting from a variety of pre-recorded fart symphonies with which to surprise your friends. If you are left unsatisfied by these, you can even record your own and play it for others whenever you like. If your friends also have this app, you can engage in fart wars to find out who has the louder, longest, and most disgusting fart.


This article was written by technology writer Michael Stevens for Broadband Expert who compare mobile broadband deals.

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  • MobiGizmos

    Tried isteam on my iphone and mobile fart app for android. both are too cool.

  • Kavya Hari

    there are plenty of apps are available on here. Thank you so much for given up great post on here 🙂

  • ti calculator online

    For me the coolest app is the Bic Concert Lighter. I never imagine it can be done. Perfect for concert fan like me. I really like it dude

  • StealthGenie | Rebecca

    I really love almost all of these craziest applications. The most cutest and silly one is iSteam. My friend had in my mobile and we used to play with all the time. Such fun!

  • kavya Hari

    They are top 5 craziest apps for the iPhone information on here. Its really great to hear about such type of sound on here 🙂

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