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Top 10 Uncool Tech Habits

Alright, this is going to come across real awful, but at least one third of these sinful booboos have been committed by you.

1.Using a Laptop on a Bed

Laptops on BED?Fluffy cushions and the like can block ventilation ports, overheating your PC. Use a lap desk or a coffee-table book to keep some airflow between the two. Plus, you can hurt your body if you’re typing in an unnatural position, so pay attention to ergonomics.

2.Keeping All of Your E-Mail

Every e-mail message you’ve ever received is sitting in your inbox in chronological order. Congratulations! You now have an unassailable historical record of your communications…and a guarantee that you will never find anything of any importance whatsoever.

3.Installing Too Much Junk

Why is Windows so slow? You installed three instant messaging clients and seven browser toolbars on your machine. Once some of this stuff is installed, the damage is already done, as many of these apps leave behind traces that are impossible to eliminate.

4.Just Because Google Exists Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Asking People Things

If you spend any amount of time online you’re probably very familiar with the above website, “Let Me Google That For You.” LMGTFY is a super smug and hilarious site built for those sick of “all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
5.Waiting in Line for Tech Stuff

Remember when you slept in a tent so that you could be the first guy in your ‘hood to own a PlayStation 3? Your parents are probably just as proud of that achievement as when you finally leveled your Druid up to 80. Trust us: The gadget works the same 24 hours later. You can probably even preorder it online and let it come to your door.

6.Hitting Your Computer

Be mad. Seriously, Windows aggravates everyone–get angry! Remember, though: We can offer a lot of aid, but throwing, kicking, or otherwise abusing a PC physically will not help. And shelling out a few hundred bucks for a new computer will actually make you feel even worse in the end. Meditate, and restrain yourself. If your laptop is sick from a latte that you tossed on it in a fit of rage, clean it carefully. Luckily, you can try a few emergency tech fixes that can restore hardware to health if your tantrum goes too far.

7.Replying to Spam

Why do spammers do their dirty work? Because enough people respond to it to make sending junk worth their while. Yes, clicking the “remove me” link counts as a response–though on rare occasions, if a message is clearly from a legitimate brand-name company, using that link is worth a try. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. In addition to following this commonsense advice, you can take an extra step to harness the spam-fighting powers of your e-mail service.

8.Posting Hilarious Pictures Online

“Hey, coworker! Looks like you had a great time at your pal’s bachelor party. Oh, is that you posing with a Heineken in your hand? How original! Yeah, you and that girl look pretty wasted in that one. At least, that’s what our boss said when he e-mailed it to me. Good luck with that evaluation!” Save such moments for posterity in private–or else. Pay close attention to the privacy settings on Facebook (and untag yourself in those compromising pictures) and on photo-sharing sites. On Flickr, for example, click Edit your profile privacy from the ‘Manage your profile’ page to control who can see what.

9.Using One Password for Everything

All it takes is a single data leak at your cell phone company for a crook to get into your e-mail, bank, investing, online shopping, and accounts. It’s one-stop shopping for identity thieves! Having a unique password for every site is unrealistic, but use a series of several passwords and save your best for the most critical sites.

10.Looking up information while a discussion/argument is still in progress.

So what are laptops and mobile phones for, if not to resolve disputes or questions wherever you happen to be? Why would anyone get annoyed when you pull out your iPhone in the middle of a discussion about, say, a news story, and a minute later break back into the conversation with the details of the story that everyone else had forgotten? Yeah, it beats me, too, but my girl friend insists this belongs on the list.

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The second point is so true to me. I have 15000 + mail in a email id which is left for facebook and spamming sites.. I never care to read any mail in it. I just open it one’s in a month to check is the account working for not coz the passoword for that email id is with many of my friends.

At last this post was good. 🙂 10/10

# 3 is very common. mostly done by beginners and push their system towards slow death. 😀
# 9 is worth mentioning too. everyone should create a unique or a series of password for every different site they sign up.
Good list! 🙂

Sarv, I really liked the post…You have mentioned some sinful habits that almost all of us techies commit in our life. But I really want to ask the question – “When did you get married??” since your wife insists on having no. 10 in the list 😛

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