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Top 10 Twitter Tools for Tweeting on the Go

There are a lot of mobile Twitter tools out there, but some are better than others. To avoid frustrating bugs, keep bandwidth use low, and stay efficient, try one or more of these ten tools on your phone.

  1. Twitter Mobile Home: Any smartphone can use its mobile browser to take advantage of this hassle-free tool. Just go to for full mobile Twitter access.
  2. TwitToday: This works on Windows Mobile smartphones and, once installed, it adds a Twitter text box to the Today screen for an easy way to update. To send a tweet, just type into the text box and hit “OK”. Tapping on the Twitter icon next to the text box launches the mobile website, giving you access to your friends’ updates. Find it here.
  3. ceTwit: This tool is for Windows Mobile smartphones or any devices that support Windows Mobile 6. It features a merged and filtered timeline display with avatars, audible/vibrate alerts, retweet functions, and more. For downloading and other information, click here.
  4. Twobile: Another Windows Mobile tool, this one offers many of the features available from a desktop Twitter client (such as Twitterific). It enables status updates, views public and friends’ timelines, sends and receives replies and direct messages, and views featured users/favorites. Avatars can be viewed by clicking on individual messages. Find Twobile here.
  5. Brizzly: This Web-based interface can be used by any smartphone and has more features for those who want extra functions. Even though it goes beyond simplicity, it still works well and can be found here.
  6. MobileTwitter: For any jailbroken (unlocked OS) iPhone or iTouch, this tool functions well with few problems and strongly resembles Web interfaces like Tweetie. Downloading information can be found here.
  7. ThinCloud Twitter: Another iPhone/iTouch tool, this one can be downloaded on any device (doesn’t have to be jailbroken). It has a clean interface, features direct replies, and uses SSL to encrypt the login function. Find it here.
  8. iTwtr: This tool for iPhone/iTouch enables you to download tweets even when you’re not connected to WiFi, 3G or Edge. Find it here, log in, and get started.
  9. Twitter SMS: Keeping it simple is easy with this texting tool. To begin updating by text, just send the word “START” to 40404 (in the U.S.). Twitter will then reply, asking you to send your username, then password, and finally the word “OK” – after that, you’re ready to use Twitter SMS. For additional information, click here.
  10. TwitterBerry: A tool specifically for BlackBerry mobile devices, this one supports TwitPic and includes a progress bar to show download time. It also lists full tweets on the screen – no clicking for the full details. Find it here.

Guest-Post by Alexis Bonari ,She is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at, researching areas of online college degrees. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

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Twitter tools are definitely an essential part of internet and social media marketing today. New tools are constantly being developed, and so many great ones are already available.

Mass following, scheduling tweets, automated rss feeds and even brand monitoring are just a few examples of applications that can certainly help your marketing efforts.

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