Top 10 Internet failss….

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These fail pics will make you feel better the way you use INTERNET.

1. I didn’t know those were the choices

2. Who Says Romance is Dead?

3. Yahoo Answer Fail

4. Wireless Network Fail

5. Captcha fail

6. Yahoo Answers Fail

7. Google Suggest Fail

8. Sexy Chat Win

9. Error message fail

10. DNS Fail

All these precious fail moments were shared by REAL failures.

Check out facebook fails.

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  • rylee rentschler

    this is my favorite thing i have ever found on stumbleupon

  • Anonymous H

    I like the one where that guy on Omegle gets told for his bad grammar. I bet the people on AnonTalk would appreciate that one…

  • vx

    Too bad on the Omegle one she spelled “sentence” wrong. Not a win but a double FAIL.

  • fareed khan

    I love this post…very excellent

  • Vincent Raja @ Tech 2 Hell

    HA HA.. funny post.. i love it… thanks for the share

  • Shaquille Ray

    ROFLOL i can’t stop laughing

  • awesome shares


    Nice collection! Awesome!

  • Sayed mobin

    Really fail………
    This is more than fail check it out. Best Movie Mistakes Ever

  • Ajay |

    just a big lol to this post..

  • Dusty Demotiv

    WIN, win, win….. Great set of pics I <3 the interwebs

  • Sahil Kotak

    Superb collection, I’d say. They’re all hilarious and I liked all of them. 🙂

  • Amit

    all these fail posts r funny ..:D

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