Top 10 of Weirdest Android Applications

Modern world of gadgets can boast of different kinds of smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and their hybrids. You can do thousands of things like checking e-mails, playing games, organizing and holding meeting on-line. And to do all these you need just to have apps installed. Apple and Google application markets are full of thousands and thousands of very useful applications that can make your life truly easier.

The application development for Android is much more open than for iOS and it allows developers to make different apps and publish them in Google Play. And this very simplicity makes Android application market the very place where the weirdest apps are found. And today I present you my top 10 of them.

#1. Bald kiosk

Did you ever imagine yourself bald? If yes, Bald kiosk is a must-have mobile application for you. It will show your look without hair. Or you can even see how you may look in future. It is a paid application with a cost of just about $1. However, it is just an example of the application of such type. If you search the market you will find several more.

#2. FatBooth

This very Android app will show you and your friends if you had “several extra pounds”. It is a genuine demotivator for those you can’t control what they eat.

#3. Death Talk

I believe that the app was designed for those who are excited about death. Thousands of quotes, stories, pictures, etc. can be found there. It makes the app not only weird, but also very scaring.

#4. Witch Hunt

The application wants to prove that there are witches everywhere, among your friends, co-workers, family. It is supposed to undisclosed the witches around you just through the photo of the person. It does it by setting them on fire. Do you want to check if you are a witch?

#5. I Eat Cockroaches

All the app does is making a cocktail with a cockroach and allows you to share the result with your friends. Don’t install the app if you have a very weak stomach!

#6. Mosquito killer

It may sound strange but your smartphone can work as an insect repellent. The application radiates waves with frequency levels between 14-20 kHZ that repel the insects. In comparison to the other applications mentioned before, there can be some use of it. However, there were no tests on how these waves influence human body.

#7. Metal Detector

Did you know that you can make your smartphone a metal detector? But after installing Metal detector app, you can. The only problem is that your phone must have a magnetometer. Do you have it in your phone?

#8. Virtual Stress Remover

The Virtual Stress Remover allows you to “cure” your stress using ancient shamanic methods. All you need is just to hit the play button!

#9. Magic Hands

Magic Hands application will cure you by remotely sending energy to the places of your body where you need it. You just should take a shot of this part of the body, send it off to David the Healer and you will be cured.

#10. Nothing

And my winner is… Nothing app. It does nothing, really nothing!

Do you have any weird application installed on your Android? If yes, feel free to share them with us.


Author Info I’m Katerina Merzlova. I work in Intellectsoft LTD., a mobile development company. I am a technology fan who tries to find the most unusual projects in IT world.

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