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In today’s world we are more engaged towards our Life Target. And Internet has changed the whole scenario of Living Life. So i thought it would be a great idea for me to list few of my favorite Humor Blogs  sites which I visit very frequently.







I hope you have many more other sites from where you have fun. Share them with us, we would love hear about them.

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Please consider adding our website to your list of funny blogs. Everyday, we post new videos featuring the best videos on the web. Thank you for your consideration. We added a link to your site on our website. Thank you again.

I agree with whoever said was good.

I’ve also been visiting for a year now. It consistently cracks me up, with some very clever articles and great obscure videos!

I also like

Please consider listing my website “Rubbish In, Robish Out!” in your list box funny websites. My website takes a satirical look at current events, politics and celebrities – all don in the format of a 1920’s newspaper which is updated every day. I also have many stand-up videos and everything on the site is original material.
Thanks for Your consideration,
Johnny Robish

Consider adding to this list. It’s a blog that collects funny Youtube comments. I haven’t seen a similar website so far.

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