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In today’s world we are more engaged towards our Life Target. And Internet has changed the whole scenario of Living Life. So i thought it would be a great idea for me to list few of my favorite Humor Blogs  sites which I visit very frequently.







I hope you have many more other sites from where you have fun. Share them with us, we would love hear about them.

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  • Kay | UPrinting

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I really love visiting and reading Humor Blogs. They are really funny! And you can really find some hilarious photos there! God Bless!

  • Reply

    That’s an awesome list. I frequently go to collegehumor, thechive and failblog. I find comixed (of the cheezburger network) and funny, too, especially their articles.

  • Vikki Sark


    • admin


  • Joe Matthews

    Please consider adding our website to your list of funny blogs. Everyday, we post new videos featuring the best videos on the web. Thank you for your consideration. We added a link to your site on our website. Thank you again.

    • admin

      Will add yours too , let it get some good amount of traffic…

  • Tom Prescott

    I agree with whoever said was good.

    I’ve also been visiting for a year now. It consistently cracks me up, with some very clever articles and great obscure videos!

    I also like

  • Corey

    I love all of these! Another site to check out is its HILARIOUS!!

  • Diggi

    WOW!! I was unaware of this list. It has eased my job to take the glimpse on one platform. Thanks dude 🙂

  • peter mckay

    Please consider adding to your weblist of humor blogs. Thanks!

  • Two-Legs Good

    Hi! How about checking out The Blog With Two Legs at at ?

    It’s a surreal mix of humour, satire, whimsy, spleen and silliness. And it’s a lovely orange colour too!

  • StudioKnow

    Great list. God bless the internet for letting the lunatics run the digital asylum.

  • Allison Wright

    Fail blog rules! I can’t argue with anything you have on that list, well done! Here’s a funny blog you can check out

  • Heather

    Please check out and consider adding to your list of humor blogs. Thanks!

  • anthony thaman

    quick read pranks, almost went to library in swimsuit last week, maybe this weekend

  • Johnny Robish

    Please consider listing my website “Rubbish In, Robish Out!” in your list box funny websites. My website takes a satirical look at current events, politics and celebrities – all don in the format of a 1920’s newspaper which is updated every day. I also have many stand-up videos and everything on the site is original material.
    Thanks for Your consideration,
    Johnny Robish

  • prositeseo
  • Mo

    Its new has alot of funny content and its pretty fast because theres not a crapload of ads.

  • michaelh

    Just can say a nice blog containing humor and funny blogs… a lot of funny stuff to visit all i can say is a complete package of entertainment…

  • Kevin

    Consider adding to this list. It’s a blog that collects funny Youtube comments. I haven’t seen a similar website so far.

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