One reason facebook sucks.

->Facebook now has 500 million active users, the company said on Wednesday.

->Then why it limits us to 5000 friends?

Facebook caps the number of friends you can have at 5000. A little research revealed that officially, the policy is designed to make sure people befriend real people and that 5000 is considered a reasonable ceiling for even the most gregarious of people. Other sources say the limit is due to some “back-end” technical reason.  But apparently, it’s not reasonable for everyone. The New York Post profiles several people who’ve reached their limit. One of them admits he only knows about 500 of his 5000 friends

Do send this mail to facebook.


Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Please Lift 5,000 Friend Limit (A Modest Proposal)

Thanks & Regards

Yours 5001st Friend 😛


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Almost being the secondmost popular company after google, facebook is still unable to remove chat glitches and with each browser it has a unique set of weird behaviours

Thanks for post Sarvanshu! Recently I read that one person can not manage more than 100 friend at a time, so 5000 should be a value too high for any person. What do you think?

facebook is the most poupular site. This is the latest public chatting site but in the few days this site is made a world poupular site sarvanshu ur news is best for the all faceebokk fans. thanxxx 4 ur paparazi.

@Akshay you are right man , but why a limit is there? scientists say a average man can handle 150 friends so 500 friends should be the limit.

i dont knw why there is a limit
the limit thing will vanish when people will stop adding unknown persons
which cannot happen so limit would exist 🙂 🙂

FACEBOOK SUCKS for more reasons than that! it’s just downright boring! i mean all social sites are boring….. some people just need lives!

Dear TechPaparazzi team,

Before you go on to write to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, please write to your English teacher and tell him to advise you on which is correct: 5001th or 5001st.

That is why an editor is so fucking important and usually not dumbwit. You should consider either getting an editor or getting one that is not a dumbwit. Since, this comment is probably going to end up on the editor’s screen to be accepted or deleted, this is aimed at you, Mr. editor. And before responding to it angrily, you should think about taking your job more seriously so no one who seems like someone from Afghanistan or a relative of Osama Ben Laden will correct you and make fun of you over it.


@Ahmed ThanQ for the feedback….its not the first time that I am being pointed out for my English. For your information there is no team behind TechPaparazzi , it is run by me only….

Dear Admin, will u plzzzz say how to add more than 5000 friends!?

Now I have 5k friends and more than 500 requests.

Plzzzzzz help me.

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