Tips to Enable/Disable Auto-update for Android Apps

The latest update of the Android Market app was seen last year. With this latest version, there were several features which were totally new, were added to it. The new features included Video and apps at the same place; it was more like using more than 1 app at the moment. Consequently, the update was really slow.

What Are Updates For?

Updates are needed everywhere. Whether be it software’s update or be it the hardware’s update. These updates are needed so that there must be no damage, and they remain updated and also to insure the smooth running of the phones without any problems.

It is not necessary that every app introduced in the market needs a constant update like most of the apps require. Just like Google music doesn’t require any updates.  Google’s music is totally server side and requires no update for a new version of Android Market.

Does this help?

Android is a very useful and a very revolutionary operating system for phones which has come about more or less due to Google’s foray into the world of smart phones and tablets pc’s. One of the strongest features of the android phones, more commonly known as smart phones is their ability to receive updates from the apps store as soon as they become available. For the ones who are not able to receive their updates automatically, the manual updating is a great help. This particular feature of the android phones has taken the smart phone technology to the next level. As soon as something amiss is discovered in the running operating systems of the phones or vulnerability found in the current running software, the manufacturers are able to discover and invent something new and improved and distribute it automatically to the phones, via the apps updating to update them and protect them from damage.

Disable/Enable Auto-updates For Android Market

Go to your phone’s menu and select Market. Android Market’s page will start loading. Once the page has loaded, go to Menu again and go to settings. You will get the “settings” portion of Android Market. Mark “Auto-update apps” in order to install the latest version of your apps automatically. Moreover, if you want to do the opposite, that is if you want to disable the auto-updates of apps, simply uncheck the ‘’Auto-update apps’’ option.

Note that there is one more option available ‘Update over Wi-Fi only’. You should note that if this option is already or previously marked, then your phone will not be able to download the updates unless and until the Wi-Fi access is there. To ensure that you’re not forgetting the Wi-Fi status, install a Wi-Fi status on your phone.

If you want to limit an app to some manual updates only, then you should follow this procedure: From the Market, go to Menu and select “My Apps”. Check for your desired app from a list of installed applications, then select your desired app and uncheck the “Allow automatic updating” option. Once done with it, the app that you selected won’t get auto updated.

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5 replies on “Tips to Enable/Disable Auto-update for Android Apps”

Hello i already know about this but for to get Automatic Update i have to get connected to internet 24*7 and which is quit e bad for the battery. so i think so its better to check manually for the update.

Hi, I am using Motorolla Defy Android phone, Couple of weeks back i tried to download an application ( Flipkart which was received as an sms- Advertisement) but unfortunately download was paused & then queued.Now my real problem is its always prompting me to install this application every now and then.I can see this on notification window & its stays in queued stage.I dont need that apps & this pop up relly frustrating me.Any option to stop that pop up? PLease help me if any one can……

@Suji Go to settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Now from Downloaded tab ….select the app and uninstall it.

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