Follow the tips to use your social media presence as a defensive strategy

At times it is difficult to handle our own social media presence. We don’t know how to use it as a defensive strategy in the best possible way. Take the example of a financial advisor. Usually financial advisors have to maintain their social presence every where. They know how to deal with their clients and competitors at one time, protecting their future deals as well. Here we will share some tips that can help you to use your social media presence as a defensive strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Connect to your clients

It is important to stay connected with your clients. Make sure that you do not miss any event that will allow your clients to meet some other financial advisors. Get registered to big networks so that your social dealing increases, hence bringing more opportunities for you. You will not be part of a conversation if you will not get registered to big networks and forums.

Develop the habit of listening

Speaking less and listening more is beneficial for one who socializes a lot. Once you’ll develop the habit of listening to others, you will always be on a safe side. Pay attention to what your clients say. Know what is more important to them and to whom they are connecting with. Your profession requires you to know the conversation going on between your referral partners and clients.

Participate intelligently

Keep in mind that every social business involves an activity cycle. Make sure you are a part of it. This activity cycle may involve your clients and your competitors as well. No matter to which profession you belong to, keep your self engaged in the activities of people you need the most. It is not necessary to comment on every single conversation of your client, but make sure that he knows that you are in touch with him.

Share some interesting content

For social media presence you have to be a part of several networks and you have to keep your self up to date. Try to look for some interesting content and share it with your clients. See how much they like or comment on your activities. Every single comment they make is a green signal for you. In this way you will be able to build a good impression in front of them. This requires a careful sharing of web content on any network.

Expand your network

Remember, every one loves to share. To utilize your social media presence, you have to expand your professional network. It will be very difficult for your competitors to break your contact if you are connected with your client, through all the possible sources. You have to maintain your social presence through your strong relations. This will give a tough time to your competitors and they won’t be able to steal or convince your clients easily.

Defend your practice

One important strategy to follow is to be genuine. You can develop good habits and can start using some new tools, but do not lose your actual personality. Your clients employ your services just because they truly like you. In this way you can defend your practice.

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Nowadays almost every company is present is the social media.
But a company page creation is only the beginning of a long-time strategy. To make the page successfull , the owner should know what (type of content) how (tone of voice) and to whom (target audience) he’d like to deliver.
Thanks for your tips!

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