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Tips for beginners to market Mobile Applicatons

Mobile Apps MarketingIt is not sufficient to develop a good mobile app to sell it well. Marketing the mobile app successfully is also equally important. The best way to market you app is through some application stores of various mobile platforms like iOS and Android. But, there are some 1,500,000 apps in the market now. Standing out from the crowd is a big challenge. Below are some of the tips to market mobile apps:

Focus on the Launch

A good mobile app marketing strategy is to launch it big. The launch of your app should be publicized in as many media channels as possible. Ensure that the launch of your mobile app reaches social networks, blogs, newsletters, magazines, and other top technology websites. A well managed launch of a good mobile app can make the app to market itself later.

Offer Something Different

There are lots of applications for every purpose in the market. When you are developing an application make sure that it is not something ripped off from an existing application. Try to be creative and develop a new product. Even if you can’t develop a new to the world product, make sure that you reinvent an existing app into something which could be of more use to the consumers. Since there are thousands of apps in the market for every platform, your mobile app marketing strategy may not work if you don’t have anything unique to offer.

Use Blogs and Social Networking Sites to Get Noticed

The more the people talk about your app the more popular it will become. One of the best ways to make make your apps popular is through social networking sites and blogs. Young people mostly share their opinions through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If the links to your mobile app is shared more on social networking sites, then more people will start talking about it. Blogs are another good option. If you can attract the attention of the top review bloggers, your app can get popular quickly.

Build a Good Website

Building your own website will help you a lot in marketing your app. Present your mobile app on your website in such a way that it can attract more visitors. Your website should be able to show the mobile app in action through videos or graphics. In this way you can tell people how they are going to benefit from buying your mobile app more effectively.

Build Hype

Some products like mobile apps sell mainly on hype. If you can create hype about app before its release in the market it will get lot of attention once it is released in the market. Hype can be generated by keeping your potential customers guesing and by playing around with teasers about the product. Create some suspense about the mobile app through a ‘coming soon’ page on your website. This strategy can work effectively only when the actual product matches the hype created. Failure of the product to match the hype will end up affecting even your future products.

The above tips can help in effectively turning the spotlight on your mobile app and make people go crazy on your hard work.

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Author Bio: This post is written by Brianne. She is a Professional Audience Engagement Specialist. He is a fan of Option Technologies Interactive.

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U know what there are a lots of developers who want to share the app for free (open source) but due to a problem not all free apps are available in market.Google Play Market asks for 25$ initially non refundable and we have to pay it via creditcard and many developers who dont have a creditcard couldnt publish their apps in market.So they are sharing these apps outside the market on some blogs/forums.Iam one of them.

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