Piracy Techie-News Launched The Pirate Chat IRC

Update:ThePirateChat no longer available, the URL is redirecting to a Porn site now.

One of the world’s largest filesharing Web sites, The Pirate Bay has launched there own Pirate Chat Service , with THOUSANDS of users already active.

“The more you CHAT, the more you get,”

Its a more kind of dating site for P2P Lovers.

  • The chat system is launched for the users to get suggestions about the TORRENTS , the chat system can be use for confirming about the new torrents quality and discuss about the torrent WORLD with TORRENT LOVERS.
  • The chat system the pirate bay is using is by Chatroulette Network

How does the chat Work?

The service automatically connects users with a totally random video chat partner. Users interact with other users via webcam, microphone or text chat. This online voyeuristic form of speed dating takes a quick peek into the lives of random strangers.

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More will be Coming Soon !!!

4 replies on “ Launched The Pirate Chat IRC”

are you nuts? so i’m supposed to commit my copyright infringements and VIDEO CHAT with someone about it? can you say i-n-c-r-i-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n? you’ve just taken a moving mugshot for the prosecution, pal. who the f*** is calling these shots anyway? is this a taste of things to come under post-trial management? and while we’re on the subject, where the f*** is the jailtime for the spineless judge who neglected to disclose his mutiple “conflicts of interest” in the form of active membership in TWO Swedish anti-piracy organizations?

I pray anyone foolish enough to bother with this will use it for the cybersex, since we all know that combination avid-BitTorrenters-and-video-chatroomers are painfully attractive.

hola b*t*h..remember me? yeh b*t*h you got dat snap shot of me f*ckin around on tpc anyways tpc doesnt exist any more ….but i’ll remain da troll king…. he he he THE BEST…now wheres my ******???

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