The Rise of Video Conferencing – An Infographic

Technology changes all the time, and for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, they often find that without the latest, most outstanding tools at their disposal, they could struggle to compete. One of the most recent innovations that SMEs have had to hand is video conferencing software. This infographic from conference calling firm Powwownow shows that video conferencing is on the rise for a variety of reasons relating to finances and convenience.

Video conferencing could help to reduce the need to go to normal meetings, which in the long run could save many of the SMEs surveyed for the data featured here hundreds or thousands of pounds ,every year. It also makes communication more effective and if one stat displayed is to be believed, there’s a strong possibility that standard phone calls could become a thing of past. It’s possible that video conferencing could be the main form of communication in the near future.

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The Rise of Video Conferencing - An Infographic

Infographic provided by video conference calling firm Powwownow

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