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In this modern era of rapidly developing technologies it seems like there are new programs and apps being released on a daily basis, particularly in the world of mobile communications. These lightning developments help us communicate more effectively and allow us to use our phones to conduct business and do a variety of other jobs which formerly only computers could do. For a round-up of the latest phone technologies on the market, read on. 

Wi-Fi on Phones

These days many phones can connect to Wi-Fi networks at home, in the office or out and about, wherever cafes and other services provide an internet connection. This means we can have almost constant access to the internet, allowing us to answer emails, post pictures on Facebook and perhaps even conduct business calls and do other much-needed business related tasks. These Wi-Fi phones are incredibly handy for corporate customers, but are also much appreciated by your average teen with a social media or “selfie” obsession.

Payment by Phone

One of the most exciting new phone technologies is that of “cellular electronic payments” which allow people to use their mobile phone to pay or transfer money from their bank or PayPal accounts. This comes in particularly handy when dealing with a small business which won’t accept the use of a credit card. Although the mainstream use of this technology has been relatively slow to take off, it is sure to develop and spread over the coming months and years, with PayPal and major banks leading the way. 

Interactive touch screens

The market is becoming saturated with touch screen phones and while they may be very useful for many of us, there is still a large percentage of the global population who prefer to send texts and emails using physical buttons. Now mobile phone developers are working on an “interactive” or “reactive” touch screen which responds to your fingertips and gives you the feel of “real” buttons, giving you a much more natural feel when you are typing.

Blocking cold calls

Cold calling is one of the scourges of modern-day society. If you want to block these calls, not to mention unwanted “junk” texts sent to your mobile, simply register with the Telephone Preference Service. While you may have to wait around 28 days for the service to begin working, it is more than worth it to prevent the constant frustration of answering the phone only to hear a salesman or recorded message crackling down the line. Similarly, if you are looking for an effective and friendly service to help block cold calls to your landline check out, one of many companies which offer similar services.

Free Texting

If you are constantly sending texts to friends, family and workmates but don’t like the fact that you’re losing up to 10p with every message, take advantage of the many Instant Messaging apps on the market these days, such as Touch, WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger and enjoy sending hundreds of text messages free of charge!

With all these ultra-efficient new technologies available, and many more sure to follow, it is undeniable that the world of telecommunications is becoming an increasingly exciting place. Watch this space for more fascinating technological updates and innovations.

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