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Technologies that Help Police Bust Criminals

Law enforcers are keeping abreast with technology in a bid to improve their surveillance and crime busting strategies. As more advanced equipment are being developed, the police are also finding ways to use technology in their daily work.

In the U.S., cops are now utilizing different technologies of varied shapes and sizes. They claim that with the availability of these new high-tech tools, they are better able to hunt criminals and put them behind bars.

The National Institute for Justice (NIJ) also plays a significant role in making new equipment and making them available to police around the country. The agency also offers training programs and provides ongoing assistance on the use of these new technologies.

Surveillance Cameras

recon scout throwbot

The robotic cameras are perhaps the most high-tech equipment used by police to fight crime today. This tool helps them see and hunt for suspects from afar where there’s no clear line of sight. It is very helpful in dangerous situations when one does not know where the criminal could be hiding.

One is a throwable robotic camera known as the Recon Scout Throwbot. The cops who make up the emergency response team in Eden Prairie, Minnesota are now using this when they hit the streets. It is very effective, they say, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be controlled wirelessly hence it can be used just about anywhere and in any crime situation.

The robotic drones are another type of high-tech surveillance camera. An example is the T-Haw Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) originally developed by Honeywell International for the U.S. Army as part of its Future Combat System program. This is an unmanned micro air vehicle that flies like a helicopter and can check the crime situation outdoors to give law enforcers a real-time view of the scene. It is best used as a backup and even for a single-person operation.

t-hawk drone

As of 2013, the British Army was reported to be using 18 of these T-hawk drones as part of its counter-IED tools for the Talisman operation.

Gun Detection Systems

Another new tool used by police is the gun detection system (GDS) that helps them locate the exact area where gunshots are fired and determine people who might be involved in it. One such system is known as the ShotSpotter now used by the Nassau County Police Department in Mineola, New York.

gun detection system

This particular GDS equipment make use of electronic sensors that can be installed in various spots around a community. It is very useful in areass where gunshots are fired on a frequent basis and people are not vocal about it.

Gunshots whether fired up in the air, into the ground or into buildings endanger the lives of residents. But with this GDS, police are now able to easily detect the location and find ways to catch the people behind such acts.

Criminals continue to lurk around and do their illicit acts unmindful of the authorities who are now more equipped to fight crime. In collaboration with criminal lawyers, police are now moving fast in solving crimes in their areas of responsibility.

Do not hesitate to seek the assistance of a Los Angeles criminal lawyer in the event you become a victim of a fraudulent act particularly in the L.A. area. Stand up for your rights and do your part in catching those criminals.

Don’t let fear cloud your mind because with law enforcers and legal professionals more equipped with the latest technology these days, there’s always a way to hunt down these criminals and put them to jail.

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