Tech Word of the Day “e-tranny “

This time I have a new and a must read series for all Techies out there-Techtionary . In this series I’ll cover all the words with their meanings and some cool, whacky facts. So you can improve you vocabulary 😉 .

Today’s word is “e-tranny”

Means:A male who poses as a female on the internet, most of the time to get attention or to play a joke.

Full Description: A person that signs onto a bulletin board as a member of the opposite sex to trick other members into falling in love. Often this entails using false photos and massive attention whoring. Since this person is protraying themselves as the opposite sex, they must be refered to as the sex they are protraying.

Uses: I can’t believe “she” fooled me into masturbating to the picture “she” sent me. What a fucking e-tranny!

Krysta_101 is a hardcore e-tranny, she loves the cock.

So friend take precautions before adding any hot chick.

How to know a profile is fake?

  1. If you are not a good looking guy and got added by a hot chick!
  2. If you got added by a celebrity!
  3. If you see nothing but Adds Feeds (… is now friends with …) in the “feeds” section!
  4. If the “wall” is full of msgs like: “thanks for the add”!
  5. If it has one profile picture only!
  6. If it has many pictures but none is tagging any other profiles!
  7. If it’s not tagged by others!
  8. If it’s public, no privacy settings for anything!
  9. If birthday is 01/01 (no offense real ones LOL but because it’s the fastest choice)!
  10. If it has many friends from all over the world (no specific region)!
  11. If it joins and attends all groups and events sent by all!
  12. If the “Interested In” section is all checked: (Women and Men)
  13. If the “Looking For” section is all checked (friendship, dating, a relationship, networking, and whatever I can get)!

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