What Happens in an “Internet Minute”?

What is an “Internet minute” any way? It’s what it says on the tin: one minute on the Internet. Sixty seconds. What can happen within that period of time? What does happen in one minute on the Internet? If you’ve ever been caught waiting for that “one minute to go” period when making updates on […]


Quadrocopters Can Juggle, Dance, Play piano, and Perform daring air flips !

Quadrocopters have come a long way from just flying around with four blades and being generally awesome. The latest news–or rather, cool video–comes to us from the ETH labs in Zurich: two quadrocopters working together to bounce a ping pong ball back and forth. That’s not all they can do–they can also dance, play the […]


Viral YouTube Videos That Made To Finals of 2010

Enjoy the YouTube videos that made our year. Here are some viral videos that made to finals of most viral videos:- Kitten Riding Turtle I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more adorable than this kitten cruising on a turtle. Yoshida Brothers I want these guys to write the soundtrack to my life. Stair Walk […]

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Chop YouTube Videos & share it on your Blog-TubeChop

Sometimes whenever I watch videos via YouTube, I wonder if i could ever edit them or simply have a part of that YouTube video for my Blog Post, ICT project, etc. It’s not difficult at all to do so.. That’s where TubeChop really comes handy…TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it (embed it) on your site or blog.