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Risky Behaviors that Lead to Indentity Theft

Identity theft has been a serious concern among security professionals for the last several decades. Increased use in social media and Smartphones have led to additional risks. According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2010, half of all respondents said they did not protect themselves online. The 2012 Identity Fraud Report, released […]

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Evil Online: Beyond the Virus

The Internet used to be such a nice place. In the beginning, everyone played nice. They shared information about great websites and worthwhile stuff. Slowly and surely, it began to turn ugly. And with the new ugliness, a whole slew of new words and new definitions of old words were created: Troll, spam, spyware, virus, […]

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Free Online Password Manager, Easily Remember Password.

Mitto is a safe and secure online password manager. The free Internet password storage service lets you add the passwords to all of your favorite sites in one place then logs you in to each one of them by simply clicking a button. No need to remember or retype your passwords anymore! You can access your passwords securely from any computer, organize them with tags, securely share them with trusted friends and more.

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We are all the Pirate Bay- Theme song by Montt Mardié

We all needed an theme song, an anthem. So he[Montt Mardié] created one!
The Pirate Bay People liked it a lot and hope you like it too.And Ya don’t ask that “Can i share it ? ya sure…Download it, re-mix it, re-make it, re-download it !, re-seed it , re-edit it , re-enjoy it..!


An Important Message From The Global Entertainment Industry

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