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Container Cargo Tracking Through iPhone

Container cargo tracking occurs when someone observes or watches the shipping of a cargo vessel (that which holds the possessions or goods) as it leaves from the place of origin to the cargo’s destination. Cargo containers are large boxes (often metal) that are placed in massive shipping vessels and shipped to an intended place. “Container […]


Top 5 Craziest Apps for the iPhone or Android

If you’re sick of all the business apps, web tools, and the general glut of useful items that saturate the world of smartphone applications, look no further. Like the old saying goes, there’s an app for everything, and there really is. There’s also an app for nothing, if nothing is what you would particularly like […]

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Create Websites From Your iPhone For Free.

The ease of creating websites has evolved from knowing to code web languages, to simply using blog platforms- Blogger, Tumblr.  Now we have Zapd- a iPhone based app that lets us create website in 60 seconds from iPhone. It lets you customize beautiful, seamless, and mobile-friendly websites from your iPhone. Zapd takes one step further […]


iPhone Dock For Your Harley Davidson Bike.

This replacement fuel tank/console combination is designed specifically for Harley Davidson’s FLHT/FLTR and FLHR model motorcycles. The console houses a special DashLink docking cradle, made by Hell’s Foundry, and works with the iPhone and or iPod Touch. The DashLink docking station includes a smart charging system with a self-sensing on/off circuit to detect if a […]

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Top 10 Coolest iPhone 4 Decals for the Holidays.

Here we have featured quite a few cool Iphone 4 decals at which are designed to give your iPhone 4 a unique look at TechPaparazzi , 1.Polaroid Land Camera iPhone 4 Decal If you want one, the Polaroid Land Camera iPhone 4 Decal is available for $6.00 from ShortSleeveAlliance. 2. Nintendo Game And Watch iPhone […]

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10 Must-Have Funny iPhone Accessories

It’s arguably the gadget of the decade, and if you’ve not held one in your hands and felt its sleek looks and experienced its amazing capabilities, you’re missing out on something special. And even if you’re not a fan of Apple, you have to admit that the iPhone is one of a kind, and that’s […]