What Happens in an “Internet Minute”?

What is an “Internet minute” any way? It’s what it says on the tin: one minute on the Internet. Sixty seconds. What can happen within that period of time? What does happen in one minute on the Internet? If you’ve ever been caught waiting for that “one minute to go” period when making updates on […]

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Top Reasons Google+ Knocks Out Facebook in Real Estate

Fifty years ago, marketing over virtual networks is nothing but a far-off dream. Nowadays, businesses thrive on selling over the internet and marketing never seemed easier yet more complicated at the same time. With social networking sites battling it out and patrons juggling between two or three social media, real estate businesses have found a […]

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Who are the priority users of VPN?

Virtual private network or VPN, the most trusted way to connect datacenters and computer users across the world web via public networks, serves as a handy and authentic measure to make the exchanged data encrypted and protected against online eavesdropping. Now this trademark feature of the same has created a loyal group of user for […]

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Top 10 Free VPN for accessing blocked Websites.

Blocking of popular social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more…. is common in Schools, Universities, Offices and in certain countries like China. The trick to access these websites is to mask your IP address and access these websites from a virtual tunnel i.e. VPN- Virtual Private Network. What is a VPN? VPN (virtual […]


Three vital things that give a corporate video winning outcome

Although corporate videos posted on Vlogging sites look entirely different from the text and image based blogs and sites you generally come across, three things remain constant in case of video blogging logging too: contents, keywords, networking sites. Hence, you can only expect desired outcome from your corporate video if you show utmost professionalism in […]

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Single Antivirus Suite For Multiple Devices-PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablets

The Internet posed security threats to consumer behavior as more and more people started using it. Today, social media, Smartphones, Tablets and all other internet access device pose just as great a threat especially as the Internet becomes more integrated into daily life. As every move you make while browsing you leave your digital footprint. And you […]


Why IBM Predicts the End of the Internet Divide in 5 Years

Everybody seems amazed by looking at IBM’s five interesting predictions that it released recently. The five predictions are also known as 5 in 5 List, in which IBM predicts those emerging technologies of the future that will change our lives. At IBM’s annual conference, it predicted that the digital divide will not exist over the […]

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The advantages and disadvantages of online data storage.

When you’re considering taking a backup of your valuable files, photos, music or some difficult college assignments for safe keeping, there are many services that can help, or simply be of use to you as another place where you’ve placed a backup other than your hard disk or USB. Choosing the right online data storage […]

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Evil Online: Beyond the Virus

The Internet used to be such a nice place. In the beginning, everyone played nice. They shared information about great websites and worthwhile stuff. Slowly and surely, it began to turn ugly. And with the new ugliness, a whole slew of new words and new definitions of old words were created: Troll, spam, spyware, virus, […]


A Day Without the Internet (gasp!!)

While we float through our day, smartphone in hand, when often tend to think about what technology can do for us and not so much about what it can’t.  For those of us that are connected while we work and play (computer, laptop, tablet) does it ever cross your mind what would happen if the […]