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We are all the Pirate Bay- Theme song by Montt Mardié

We all needed an theme song, an anthem. So he[Montt Mardié] created one!
The Pirate Bay People liked it a lot and hope you like it too.And Ya don’t ask that “Can i share it ? ya sure…Download it, re-mix it, re-make it, re-download it !, re-seed it , re-edit it , re-enjoy it..!


My Files does not likes Me :-(|hidden files and folders-Joke

Here is the joke:- Shivan: I am Not able to see hidden files and folders, is this is because of any virus? Dr.Glitch: Believe me there is no virus or some malicious script in your PC, Your Files does not likes you, that’s why they are hiding them selves from you.You should use Mac, Files […]