Flat Panel TV Buying Tips: Plasma or LCD?

Both plasma and LCD televisions have been out for a while, giving manufacturers enough time to work out the kinks, improve the product and lower the price point to make it affordable. Surely by this time, there is a clear winner in the next-generation TV wars — either plasma TV or LCD. Not so. Both […]

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Top 5 Riskiest Celebrities Of 2009

In its ‘Top Cyber Threats Of 2009’ report, the security firm said the King of Pop’s death in June this year sparked a deluge of spam and malware campaigns as cybercriminals attempted to exploit his fans.


Most Popular TV Torrents

Millions of television viewers are now using file-sharing services to access free and unauthorised copies of programmes, research has revealed.
US drama Heroes was the most popular illegal download this year, according to research firm Big Champagne.About 55 million people downloaded the show, while 51 million chose to access Lost, the second most popular show. Visits to leading “torrent” sites, which index video and music files, have also nearly doubled in the last year.

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Youtube Like Site For Your Kids

Safe, funny, screened videos for kids with all their favorite characters. Each video on Kideos has been screened by the site Video Advisory Council before it makes it onto our site. The goal is to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience.

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Keep track of all your Music Artist When he releases new Album or single-Blyper

Keeping track of all your artist releases on a regular basis is almost impossible, and finding out about their newest work is often a matter of chance.

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We are all the Pirate Bay- Theme song by Montt Mardié

We all needed an theme song, an anthem. So he[Montt Mardié] created one!
The Pirate Bay People liked it a lot and hope you like it too.And Ya don’t ask that “Can i share it ? ya sure…Download it, re-mix it, re-make it, re-download it !, re-seed it , re-edit it , re-enjoy it..!

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Dealing with Video and Media Related Errors

Computers are increasingly being used as multimedia tools that allow us to watch videos, listen to music and create multimedia presentations. We are also using computers to communicate with family and friends and share videos, photos and music. Computers, with the help of the Internet, are merging into a combination of TV, radio, music player and PC all rolled into one.

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Discover The Internet In A Different Way, Snipi

The Snipi Toolar allows you to literally drag and drop products, photos and YouTube/Vimeo videos from any website into organized lists.Snipi uses drag and drop technology that will change the way you browse, organize, shop, share, and discover the Internet. The Snipi Toolar allows you to literally drag and drop products, photos and YouTube/Vimeo videos from any website into organized lists.


An Important Message From The Global Entertainment Industry

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