Cyber Law

Why Cyber Lawyers Need Technology.

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, much faster than we can keep up with it. But that doesn’t imply that we cannot try to understand it and learn it, because when we don’t get technology, we fall far behind. Lawyers were never really required to know technology, and even if their cases involved technical […]

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Cyber Law as a Career, Graduating as a Cyber lawyer from India

Computer forensics experts are often called as “Cyber Cops”, “Cyber Investigators” or “Digital Detectives”. The cyber law market is growing fast and it will continue to grow beyond imagination. Every individual is a potential victim to cyber crime. Everything is becoming cyber and the concerns of maintaining security of the information on the internet is also growing. Therefore there are tremendous career opportunities in almost every field from law to the IT Industry. The need of the time is to utilize the vast potential of Information Technologies for peaceful purposes and progressive economic development of India .